Hong Kong

View from The Peak

Man Mo Temple

Shuen Wan (photo: R. Renaldi)

Often referred to as the Gateway to Asia, Hong Kong is the ultimate convergence of East and West. A high-energy vertical metropolis with a breathtaking skyline and an explosion of neon, it is the definition of a modern city. In Hong Kong, shopping is an obsession. And the city’s heritage as an international center of trade means there is a huge variety from which to choose. There are rows of custom tailors and swank malls filled with global designer flagships, but the most characteristic Hong Kong shopping experiences may be found on the street. From the striped stalls of Mong Kok’s Ladies’ Market to the tattoo parlors of Wan Chai to the hipster boutiques of Sheung Wan, there is literally everything your heart could desire. Amidst all the style, chaos, traffic and sheer volume of humanity, there are still many stunning pockets of wilderness and beauty in the city. Hong Kong’s harbor at night, illuminated with a sea of twinkling lights, is truly a vision. Scattered close to the coast are the outlying islands of Lantau, Cheung Chau and Lamma, home to traditional fishermen and villagers. The ferries between these islands run like clockwork, and island-hopping means indulging in some of the world’s best seafood. Back on the mainland, the choices of cuisine range from proper tea at an elegant hotel to superb dim sum to sophisticated Michelin-starred tasting menus to a lively scene of street food stalls. And there is no rest for the weary—Hong Kong’s renowned nightlife is not to be missed!