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Paul Bachant

“You go away for a long time and return a different person—you never come all the way back.” — Paul Theroux

After traveling the world extensively, living abroad for long stretches and fully immersing himself in foreign cultures, Paul Bachant founded Insider Voyages to share his passion and expertise with those on a journey of discovery.

Formerly a senior executive for a global luxury retailer, Paul has an elevated aesthetic that informs his unique approach to traveling in style. He also knows the value of building loyal relationships with his clients, the better to serve their individual needs. And then there is his restless curiosity. It drives him to continually seek out inspiring destinations, resources and relationships wherever he goes. For Paul, the most memorable trips are those that reveal the authentic heart of a place.

“I want to help my clients see the world in a way that feels fresh and relevant to them,” he says. “It goes beyond booking exceptional hotels and mapping out seamless transitions. That’s a given. But making the right connections—between people and places, between travelers and guides—and opening up new possibilities, that’s when travel becomes truly transformative.”

Paul’s Travel Map


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